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Revenue Management

CPR Revenue Cycle Management services cover advising on contracts, billing, getting claims out the door, and obtaining payment. We track the patient visit from scheduling to bill payment. Our registration, authorization, and the pre-service processes are centralized, enabling us to scale large volumes of patients and reduce turnaround time.

Coding Compliance
Accurate coding is vital to the success of a medical practice. Not only does compliance assist in avoiding penalties and payer investigations, but accurate coding also has a direct benefit to the medical practice as it ensures that coding and documentation accurately reflect what occurs during patient visits. CPR is committed to coding compliance and has a suite of proprietary tools, along with a team of certified coders and auditors who monitor patient records for compliance, and provide personalized coding training to physicians based on their particular specialty and practice patterns. We perform bell-curve analysis to show patterns of physician behavior as compared to other physicians in the practice and to peers outside the group.

Regulatory Change Management
With our vast experience in the healthcare industry, we recognize that the regulatory landscape is constantly evolving. These changes, which include an increasing number of rules, guidelines and restrictions on physicians’ practice of medicine, can be overwhelming to even the most sophisticated of physicians. We constantly monitor these regulatory changes on a federal, state and local level. Given CPR’s connection to so many physicians, we use our strength in numbers to offer a voice to physicians to weigh in on important legal and regulatory matters. We work with practices under our management to identify key individuals who can work with regulators directly. Once regulatory changes are made, we are able to quickly mobilize to make necessary changes to ensure compliance with the changing regulatory landscape.

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