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Physician Management

CPR has some of the best experts working to recruit and retain providers and staff for all of our health care groups. Their strategies in recruitment are refined and specialized to find only the best candidates for the right job. We have a tiered interview process that allows the candidate to meet all the people involved in the business and let them assess if this is the right fit for them as well. We are very thorough in our interview process in order to cover all needed aspects. 

We offer:

  • Competitive/Fair pay

  • Equal opportunities

  • Management of administrative duties to allow doctors to be doctors

  • Each physician gets a say in decisions

Physician Compensation

We offer providers insurance plans that are very competitive. We also offer many incentives including metric-based benefits and cost-saving sharing as well as bonuses for various things.


Performance Dashboards

CPR is a part of many quality programs that help give providers a sense of where they stand in their practice. The dashboards are updated through our electronic medical records vendor Athena.

Recruitment and Retention

We have a specialized recruitment officer that finds the right person for the job with the latest training and skills needed for each specific position in the clinic setting.


  • Helps with fast payments

  • In-house credentialing

  • Fast/accurate


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